Vogue 8807: Homecoming Dress

Vogue 8807Homecoming Dress

Completed on September 20, 2014


Fabric is 100% cotton slub knit jersey from Fabric.com

Vogue 8807


pinch pleat at neck to remove bust fullness and take up neckline


$14.94 for fabric

$4.94 for pattern


Called “Homecoming Dress” because I wanted something in school colors to wear on Spirit Day and to our fall Homecoming game. As it’s still hot here, I thought something in a cotton knit would transition well. It will also be able to work a full day and work the evening game in a very small ticket booth coined the “chicken coop.” I love the comfort, the swing, and the versatility of belt colors and shoes I can choose. It’s easy because it doesn’t have a waist, so putting on the belt just sets the waist level wherever it hits on that day! So on to the game–Go Team!

Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt: Fall Groovy Skirt

Fall Groovy everyday skirt sewing pattern

Completed on September 4, 2014


Fabric is 100% cotton from Walmart, I believe (pre-2005)

Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt


added 2 inches length

interfaced waistband (front)


less than 10.00 for fabric, estimate

$12.95 for pattern

Scrap interfacing


Called “Fall Groovy Skirt” because my husband saw me cutting it out and said “Oh, so now you’re going to be all groovy?” And I questioned my choice. But the fabric has been in my stash forever, I wanted something that spoke to fall without the heaviness of fall fabric (we’ve been in the midst of a mean Indian Summer), and I know this pattern well enough to think I could knock it out on work nights. And in three brief evenings, it was done! I like it’s lightness…I wonder about the fabric being all cotton as it washed beautifully with little ironing needs. But it doesn’t sweat the way a blend would, so…sometimes you can get nice fabrics at cheaper sources, I reckon. Time will tell. This skirt is getting a lot of wear already. And yes, I feel a little groovy in it!

New Look 6503: Peacock Flow Dress

New Look 6503peacock flow

Completed on August 28, 2014


Fabric is 100% rayon challis “Amy Butler Soul Blossoms Peacock Blue” from Fabric.com

New Look 6503 Pattern: View D


took in princess seams for better fit

neck facing was too large to fit pattern

3 inches added to hemline


$23.96 for fabric (no leftovers…barely made it)

$17.71 for buttons from M&J Trimming

$4.29 for pattern

Scrap interfacing


Called “Peacock Flow” because the colors remind me of our neighbor’s peacocks that visit to clean up seed pod remains and call from our rooftop. It’s so comfortable due to the rayon challis…it flows beautifully in movement. It’s fit is still a bit large in the bust area even with some alterations. The armholes could be a bit smaller also. I don’t know about the longevity of the challis, but its comfort is well-worth even a couple of seasons. It’s a go-to dress for really busy, long, hot days filled with lots of walking, movement, and putting away items in lower shelving. You’ve got to love a dress that just…flows.

New Look 6022: Gaugin Dress

New Look 6022    Gaugin Notecard

Completed on July 29, 2014


Fabric is 100% cotton lawn from Sawyer Brook  “Gaugin”

New Look 6022 Pattern


omitted back button

took in sides to give more fit

Sleeve binding from white batiste scrap


$14.69 for fabric (no leftovers…barely made it)

$4.29 for pattern


Called “Gaugin” because that’s what Sawyer Brook named it and I fell in love with the colorway and floral pattern. The name seemed so fitting–even though I don’t speak French, it reminds me of when we hear “Monet” and think of his water lily prints…so yeah, “Gaugin.” I barely had enough to cut the dress. I wanted something that would show the expanse of the print without much interruption. But the pattern? Well, I would have liked a bit more width in the upper shoulder area at neckline. And I would like to have just a tad more shape through the body–nothing tight, just more to follow curves. This was a fairly straight cut. I was able to take in the sides a bit to give it some shape. But alas, my quest to not interrupt the print may have left me with plain and baggy. The sleeves are a cute finish. All in all, I think it’s okay for a summer dress.


Vogue 7077: Back in the Swing Dress

Vogue 7077Back In The Swing Notecard

Completed on July 18, 2014


Fabric is organic 100% cotton from Fabric.com  “Grey Abbey Organic Floral Whimsy Egg Blue”

Vogue Elements 7077 Pattern is now discontinued.

Interfacing from Fashion Sewing Supply–ProSHEER Elegance MEDIUM Fusible

Buttons from Sawyer Brook: 1/2 inch peach “Charity”


omission of lining

self-made bias for neck binding

elastic at neck at 3/8 inch

interfaced placket


$38.43 for fabric (with more than a yard left over for facings and such)

$9.95 for pattern (multiple uses…probably purchased with discount)

$7.99 for Interfacing (I actually used a scrap)

$10.50 for buttons

All costs are actual costs–I usually buy more fabric than needed, always have interfacing on hand, and reuse patterns, but all are costs associated.


Called “Back in the Swing” because it’s my first dress since…I truly don’t know. The dress is cute–love the feel of the cotton and it presses beautifully. I don’t know if I like the open neckline and combination of elastic at neckline and sleeve. The sleeves seem to bind a bit and are uncomfortable–but it’s just so pretty. My summer closet was down to three original creations–a navy french terry skirt made last fall, an orange trouser skirt made last summer, and a blue stripe blouse with rick rack flowers on it made probably 13 years ago. So many other things got in my way…so many ready to wear alterations…so many other hunting and patching projects for the guys. So not much time spent at the machine creatively. We’ll see if this old dog can learn new tricks to make more room for sewing and actually get back in the swing!