January 1

Trying something new…
So this year, no real set organized plans. I know what needs to be my primary focus, so rather than get over organized and waste time planning, I’ll just do it–exercising, namely. I’ve already got three days in a row.

Next, sewing…I’ve got to pare down stash to have more breathing room and greater focus. And again, with less time spent planning, more time can be spent sewing and gaining back skills. I just need to get mending out of the way first!

Same is true with meals–just do it…I have enough in the freezer to get back to basics and good habits.

With schoolwork, I need to get good organization with two more subjects in order to rely on organizational basics. What I have done with binders for Earth science needs to be repeated with the other two subjects taught. So, keep building basics here…I’m on the right track.

I will not, repeat, not, uber-over-organize! That’s where I have to cut back! I constantly feel like I have to organize something in order to do it…exercise, sew…I’m organized enough there…just do it! And I have the skills…so I have come to the conclusion that this organizing crutch of mine is the reason I procrastinate on the actual chore. That’s ridiculous! Sure, I need to keep up with systems and not throw the baby out with the bath water, but I hardly think that’s my problem. It’s that I want this super perfect system, and the truth is, I already have it (except for the sciences to fix).

Major goals:

Workout DAILY.

Fix most meals at home.

Sew regularly.

Create binders for Biology and AP Biology like I have for Earth.

That’s it–simplest list I’ve made in years! I have the skills, I have the discipline, I have the organizational structure in place, and I have the discipline. That’s it. No more weekly words, image boards, plans, SMART goals…Okay, maybe I’ll save a few images here and there…Again, baby, bath water…don’t let’s go overboard!

I’ve worked out, we have pork roast, potato and carrot leftovers from last night’s home cooked meal, so now I will sew. Just like that.


So, here’s my update so far…I have returned to this page 6 times or so to edit and make it look right. I want to have those uber-perfect pages like everyone else. It’s taking everything I have to let it go and not revise. It’s just for me, so why can’t I see it’s just an exercise in building a skill? I’ll try harder.

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