Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt: Fall Groovy Skirt

Fall Groovy everyday skirt sewing pattern

Completed on September 4, 2014


Fabric is 100% cotton from Walmart, I believe (pre-2005)

Liesl + Co. Everyday Skirt


added 2 inches length

interfaced waistband (front)


less than 10.00 for fabric, estimate

$12.95 for pattern

Scrap interfacing


Called “Fall Groovy Skirt” because my husband saw me cutting it out and said “Oh, so now you’re going to be all groovy?” And I questioned my choice. But the fabric has been in my stash forever, I wanted something that spoke to fall without the heaviness of fall fabric (we’ve been in the midst of a mean Indian Summer), and I know this pattern well enough to think I could knock it out on work nights. And in three brief evenings, it was done! I like it’s lightness…I wonder about the fabric being all cotton as it washed beautifully with little ironing needs. But it doesn’t sweat the way a blend would, so…sometimes you can get nice fabrics at cheaper sources, I reckon. Time will tell. This skirt is getting a lot of wear already. And yes, I feel a little groovy in it!

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