New Look 6022: Gaugin Dress

New Look 6022    Gaugin Notecard

Completed on July 29, 2014


Fabric is 100% cotton lawn from Sawyer Brook  “Gaugin”

New Look 6022 Pattern


omitted back button

took in sides to give more fit

Sleeve binding from white batiste scrap


$14.69 for fabric (no leftovers…barely made it)

$4.29 for pattern


Called “Gaugin” because that’s what Sawyer Brook named it and I fell in love with the colorway and floral pattern. The name seemed so fitting–even though I don’t speak French, it reminds me of when we hear “Monet” and think of his water lily prints…so yeah, “Gaugin.” I barely had enough to cut the dress. I wanted something that would show the expanse of the print without much interruption. But the pattern? Well, I would have liked a bit more width in the upper shoulder area at neckline. And I would like to have just a tad more shape through the body–nothing tight, just more to follow curves. This was a fairly straight cut. I was able to take in the sides a bit to give it some shape. But alas, my quest to not interrupt the print may have left me with plain and baggy. The sleeves are a cute finish. All in all, I think it’s okay for a summer dress.


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