This is my space to keep track of daily life: menus, workouts, and sewing projects. I don’t know if sharing with the world is really my objective at this point, more like just proving to myself that I can track my progress in a reflective way.

“Dogwood in the Desert” pays homage to my parents–of Pennsylvanian heritage until the draft called my father to what was Camp Irwin (now Fort Irwin) here in the Mojave Desert. My mother always wanted to grow a dogwood tree here in the desert as she missed them so much. It was the one thing–the only thing–she could not do. I remember that she tried many times. That’s another story. Dogwoods are incredibly strong, beautiful trees. My mother was the strongest force ever to be reckoned with and had a soul as beautiful as a dogwood in late winter bloom. I continue growing here without her now…and that takes all my strength.

So maybe I am the Dogwood that she planted here…and I am still growing…and in my promise to her I continue to take care of daddy and he continues to take care of me…

Growing and Taking Care,

Holly Bear

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